The Diminishing Market for Marketers

Are ads doing their job? REALLY?? Is this constant reinforcement of product advertisement really influencing the consumer’s decision to choose that specific product instead of another? The public has been bombarded with advertisements over a century ago; you’d think by now we, the consumers, would have figured out the niche behind advertisements. Is it really accurate to say that after watching a Bud Light commercial we are apt to go out and purchase a Bud Light over any other beer? I believe the answer to this question is no! The Bud Light commercial may attract you to the idea of drinking beer, but that is the extent of it. The actually decision made by the consumer is based on his or her preference of taste and price.

With the development of technology consumers have become smarter with what they buy and at what price no matter how many ads have been sent their way to influence them. This has created problems for marketers in the recent years, and could explain the reason for the recent changes in advertisements. Advertisements have in result become more emotional and plot driven in efforts to entertain while at the same time attempting to create a connection to the consumer. With the consumer now in control more than ever, it will be up to new and innovative ideas from marketers to catch the ever so quickly disappearing eye of the consumer.

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Incentives, Incentives, Incentives!

With a lot of marketing and sales ads there always seems to be an incentive along with the advertisement. UMass has over 300 clubs and agencies on campus. Each one of them has a mission and goal to complete each year whether it is to throw events or recruit new members, so there is always the task of effective marketing.

But what is the most effective way for these groups to advertise themselves on campus? Over the past three years I have been heavily involved in overseeing the financial aspects of all of our groups on campus which has given me insight on groups budgets and plans for their marketing and promotion. From personal experience, I have noticed that groups who advertise their events with attached incentives usually attract the most attention and participants.

These incentives are a variety of things from coupons to local businesses, offering free merchandise or other material things or even just offering free food. Marketing with incentives also goes a long way with businesses especially in retail.

Retail stores such as Kohl’s, Macy’s and JC Penney offer incentives to buyers even while they advertise a sale weekend. “Come in Friday through Sunday and for every $50 you spend, get $10 Kohl’s cash back.” People such as my own mother go crazy for these types of package deals especially because you do not have to be an exclusive member to get them.

Unfortunately, it is true, if the person reading your advertisement feels they are getting nothing out of attending your event, joining your club or shopping at your store then they immediately turn away from it no matter how interesting is may sound. Everyone loves a good bonus and that is how you can effectively advertise anything.Image


This is just an example of a coupon from Kohls advertising “free cash” when you purchase a certain amount.

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Demand for flappy bird

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This link was floating around on twitter, and other social media sites,when I spotted it. Now I haven’t been an obsessed fan of flappy bird, but others definitely show they obsession and hatred for the game. There are YouTube videos about the game and people are constantly talking about it. This simple game was in everyone’s hand. Then as this article says the creator wanted to turn off the game, this just gave the game more hype and advertisement. The author of the Forbes article was surprised, but this just reminded me of one of the most basic movements in economics. When people are expecting a price to go up or for the product to be gone, then there will be a flood of consumers in line to get the last of that product and price point. This shifts the demand higher and that’s exactly what flappy bird…

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Kellogg’s Marketing Challenge

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Kellogg’s Marketing Challenge

When it comes to challenges in the marketing of a company, a corporation that owns many smaller, different companies is one that has one of the more difficult tasks. Take Kellogg’s for example. They own 22 different brands of cereal alone, most of which need to be marketed toward a different group of customers in order to make good sales.

Tony the Tiger

Lets look at the kid’s cereals, like Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Every kid recognizes Tony the Tiger in a heartbeat from the kid-friendly commercials and catchy jingle he always sings. The moment they see him on the box in the grocery store they will be begin to be taking some Frosted Flakes home. Or Rice Krispies for another example, everybody knows Snap, Crackle and Pop, three of the most recognizable animated figures on television commercials for anything. They have been around forever and people will…

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MaxG is Hip-Hop

MaxG is a Boston-born rapper who is on the rise in the Amherst, Massachusetts hip-hop scene. Always an excellent writer in his studies at Umass Amherst, MaxG began learning to pen hiphop lyricism in 2011. He spent the next two years on the low developing his flow (delivery), and dropped (released) his freshman Mixtape ‘Finally Grown‘ in 2013.

MaxG’s inteligent lyrics and dynamic delivery beg for a listen. My favorite MaxG track must be ‘G.M.B. (Get Money B**ch)‘. His socio-economic commentary and word play stand out: “Life is reel – like a fishing trip – spent the whole day sitting but the fish didnt nibble a little bit”. His beat selection is eclectic, as well, featuring a reggatone-esque instrumental on the party jam ‘We’R Starz’.

If it were the early days of Hip-Hop, MaxG and many more bright new artists may never have been afforded the chance to shine offered to them by the present social media revolution.

MaxG owns several social media artist accounts for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which are linked to music delivery sites, Soundcloud and YouTube, under the moniker ‘MaxGFlows’.

MaxG is attacking the social media front with strategic direction – but is it working?

MaxGFlows on Facebook only had 17 likes on Facebook and 11 followers on Instagram, as of February 24, 2014.

On the blog front, too, MaxG has no obvious presence. Has MaxG already attempted to enter this market and failed? is he unaware of the blog market?

MaxG began a twitter follow-back campaign in February, 2014 that grew his MaxGFlows follower base over 1,500 in 3 days. MaxG’s innitiatives correlate with his first international plays and downloads on Soundcloud, and with accelerating play counts.

Perhaps we are witnessing a strategic step-by-step approach in the works?

Whatever MaxG is doing, its working and I like it. Thoughtful lyrics, unique flow, incredible production, solid engineering and skyrocketing play counts beg the question – not if but when will MaxG be opening spring concert at the UMass Mullins Center?

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Volkswagen’s “Get Happy” Commercial

For the recent 2014 Super Bowl, Volkswagen released a commercial titled “Get In Get Happy”.  The commercial was of a business man with a Jamaican accent, who went through his Monday cheering people up and spreading the sunshine. Volkswagen has always had a reputation of carefree living and freedom, and their van even stands as a symbol for this idea.



This is the approach they took on their newest commercial, trying to show a man who spread the spirit that Volkswagen stands for. Though millions of people loved the commercial, hundreds had issues with it and were incredibly offended.  Outraged tweets and online posts claimed the advertisement was racist and completely degrading a culture.  One person from an African American, Gay, Lesbian, and Hispanic agency said “What happens in this ad is that the culture becomes a punchline, and that is offensive.”

To defend themselves, Volkswagen said that they consulted with a hundred Jamaicans and used a dialect coach to make sure they wouldn’t be offending anyone.  They wanted everyone to take the ad lightly and not look into it as a racist statement, which is by no means what they intended it to be. Personally, I really liked the commercial, and thought it was funny as well as clever. Volkswagen has always had the “hippie” image, and embracing it by showing people that travel in their vehicles live a life without worry is a great marketing technique. I think it’s smart of them to hang onto this spirit, especially with the Generation Y being considered the next “hippie” generation, taking the place of our elders from the 1960′s. Positive vibes and free spirits was what the Volkswagen marketing team was trying to convey, and I definitely believe they succeeded in that.

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Who does not love the puppy commercial by Budweiser?!

It might be a little cliché of me since I am a girl, but I absolutely love the commercial Budweiser had during the Super Bowl! Let’s be honest…who could not love that adorable Labrador puppy! The puppy is just so innocent and precious. My heart (as well as I am sure every other female’s heart) melts each time I watch.

Seeing the little puppy squirm under the fence and run through the rain to see the horse is too cute for words, but when the puppy barks and the horse responds by getting the other horses to help keep the puppy at the farm shows how the puppy and the horse, like best friends, can’t stand to be apart. Budweiser used the animals as the cute factor to get their audience hooked and see their message; their brand brings friends together, no matter what it takes.

Budweiser was smart because by airing this at the Super Bowl they know the majority of women watching the game actually do not care about the game, but want to see the commercials. Their brand usually resonates with the male population because it is beer, but by using the loveable puppy and horse to represent their best buds idea, Budweiser is able to tap into the female population. I am sure that if a woman wants a beer they are choosing Budweiser now instead of another brand because of the commercial.

The song is the cherry on top. It fits the commercial so well; I could not think of a better song to use.

Beer commercials in general tend to be the best. They are funny and entertaining, but out of all the beer commercials I think this one is the best.

Good job Budweiser.

budweiser pup_optbudweiser pup 2_opt

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