Geico and Old Spice: Doing it Right (by Caleb Gannon)

Everybody knows the Geico Gecko, and everybody knows the Old Spice theme whistle.  Whatever team made the campaigns for these companies knew what they were doing.  One of the main ideas behind marketing, as far as I’m concerned is getting yourself known.  We all know Bob’s Discount Furniture, even if we hate those ridiculous clay-mation commercials.  The teams behind Geico and Old Spice took this need for recognition, but made us love them; they made us want to see their commercials.  Beyond the Gecko, Geico still has amazing commercials, fun and witty and, most importantly, memorable.  Old Spice commercials have famous faces in them, yes, but what makes them so good?  They’re funnier than most of the T.V. shows that they air during.  Whereas Bob’s went with the “contempt breeds familiarity” route, Geico and Old Spice went the other way.  They figured, wouldn’t people like it more if we made our commercials actually good?  Yes, people do like it more.

There are too many advertisements nowadays that I just cannot bare watching.  Nearly every car commercial looks exactly the same to me.  No phone commercial is different from the last.  But, as soon as I begin to hear the Old Spice song, I will actually stop what I’m doing (because I’m probably doing something else, to avoid the myriad pitiful ads) and watch the commercial, even if I’ve seen it before.  There’s something about Wes Welker getting his legs chewed off my lizards that is just endlessly appealing.  Obviously, there are other companies that are doing a good job with their advertisements, but none are doing as well, in my opinion, as Geico and Old Spice.  Hell, I actually bought some Old Spice deodorant the other day after I ran out of generic brand, simply because I saw lizards eating Wes Welker’s leg (and it was actually pretty cheap).  That is effective advertising.

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