False Advertising or Great Marketing?

             You know what really grinds my gears? Well to be honest a lot of things, but today I have a bone to pick with Subway and McDonald’s. I think it is just wrong that they use professional and Olympic athletes in their commercials. Just because these companies have plethora of money and they sponsor events like the Superbowl and the Olympics doesn’t mean that they are morally correct in their advertising techniques. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want to take away from these companies marketing teams because these are great marketing schemes, but the fact of the matter as that they only get the commercials and advertisements because they have money.

                  My point is that their advertisements do in fact give them a great marketing technique and competitive edge but there message can easily be taken the wrong way. I highly doubt that Robert Griffin and Olympic athletes alike are consistently eating at either Subway or McDonald’s. There is no possible way that they could compete at the level that they are capable do and if their sense of a training diet is a 20 piece McNugget or a large steak and cheese with all the fixings. Vulnerable populations, especially children, might take this as if I want to be a Heisman trophy winner, a first round draft pick, or Olympic gold medalist then I should eat at Subway and McDonalds all the time. Furthermore, isn’t obesity a leading cause of chronic disease in the US and aren’t fast food places a kingpin in the cause for this rise in obesity?  Do these companies even realize what the message is they are sending or do they just care about getting sales? We’re talking about people’s health here!!

 Plan and simple, their sending the wrong message and please don’t try to defend them by saying one guy named Jared loosed some ridiculous amount of weight by eating just a Subway diet. They don’t tell you the whole story like the fact that exercise probably had a lot to do with it or that the whole marketing ploy was just a hoax. Just because you have money to support massive sporting events and pay athletes to be on your commercials doesn’t mean that you should be naïve to what your message is actually telling your customers especially when it might be affecting their health.

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