Oh Pandora, How You’ve Changed

Dear Pandora,

You have always been my go to app when I need to be productive. Whether it is the Rihanna playlist that gives me a boost to finish out a run at the gym or Lana del Rey to help me concentrate when doing homework, you have always been a reliable source for quality music. I started using you my sophomore year of high school and what you could do was something I have never seen and really cool. I remember I could not stop encouraging people to use you.

Back in the day, my biggest worry was that I could only skip a certain amount of songs before you restricted me from doing so. Occasionally this meant that I was forced to listen to an unwanted song, but this was only a minor annoyance. At some point short advertisements made their way into your music showing up every 8-10 songs. This was a little more annoying than the skip restriction but still manageable because after all you were providing me with free music. True, you always gave me the option to upgrade to ad-free music but my logic was that if I wanted to pay for music I could go back to buying songs on iTunes.

Last semester I went to study abroad where I could not listen to you anymore because it was not permitted(what’s up with that?). When I returned, I was ready to get back to using my playlists for the gym and homework. Surprisingly, advertisements were playing between every 2 or 3 songs with multiple consecutive ads . To be honest, it felt like I was listening to more advertisements than I was music.

The change from before I left for Barcelona to when I returned was so drastic that I decided to start using apps like Spotify and 8 tracks (recommended by friends) which has the same free services as you do but with little to no ads.

I realize that advertisements is how you can offer the product for free but the increase of ad time has become unbearable and has discouraged me from the service that I used to promote. Pandora, I know that we have been together for four years, but unless you get your act together with these advertisements, I just don’t see us working out.


Brianna Joyce

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