#aeriereal changing the game

Once a year the Victoria Secret Fashion Show comes alone and all the girls and women will watch and id2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Showolize these women’s perfect bodies. Stomachs completely flat, legs one hundred percent tone. The familiar joke “Victoria’s secret fashion show is on tonight… Looks like I can’t eat” rapidly surfaces around social media. I myself will sit and eat some ice cream while I watch these women do their thing. These women’s bodies are something everyone will notice.. Their posters all around the Victoria’s Secret stores, and its just not real. Women don’t look like that. And Angels are looked up to by so many and people wish they looked like them, and it shouldn’t be like that. 

American Eagles sister store, Aerie has now come up with a new campaign that basically said enough of this. Their new #aeriereal campaign is their models untouched in their photos. To me this is awesome. This is ‘real.’ The photos are not touched up to look perfectly skinny cause in reality that is not how their cliental actually looks. Women have tattoos, women have a little bit of a gut, and #aeriereal shows this. They know people don’t have perfect bodies and want women to be comfortable. 

resultI know all the boys won’t agree with this particularly but sorry guys.. the Victoria Secret Angels are out of your league. Very few people look like that and their ads are touched up. Aerie is now making girls have confidence in themselves and not be ashamed. They’re saying “The real you is sexy.” They want to empower young women who shop at their store and make them feel sexy and be confident.  To me if you ask what campaign is better I would say aerie. People would rather feel confident and feel like these models instead of walking into Victoria’s Secret  and see the models pictures and know that they do not look like that. Victoria’s Secret may be the front runner in women’s bras and underwear for now but Aerie is for sure stepping up their game. People want to shop where they feel most comfortable and aerie is making this possible for young women all around the country. #aeriereal is changing the game. 

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