Will America’s Food Face Change in 2014?

America’s Food Product Marketing Scheme

Walking through the aisles of the local Stop & Shop my head turns wildly toward the many bright packages that catch my attention. There are so many colors, promotions, celebrities, and games, I feel like I’m prancing through a toy store rather than food shopping. And strangely enough, although I am quite full from lunch, all this stimulation makes my stomach growl.

So is there a reason for all these bright colors and absurd painted cereal boxes? Yes! Americas food industry is a vast kingdom of clever marketing, which has created an 11.1 billion dollar industry and a public health crisis. The bright colors, specifically red, is used deliberately in the food industry, because it is a color that invokes hunger, fear, emotion etc. (shutout to lifehacker.com for this tip). Big companies such as coke and General Mills have fantastic packaging, with vivid colors that pop out at you from the aisles.


Taking It Too Far

Food companies aren’t just suggesting that you buy their products; they want you to buy their food really really badly, and will do anything necessary to make a sale, regardless of health ramifications. In Huffington Posts foodforthought blog, Michele Simon who is a public health lawyer criticized large companies such as McDonalld’s for targeting small children by invoking emotions of “adventure, emotional appeals, play and fun”. No wonder the obesity epidemic is so rampant in America, McDonald’s has infiltrated our children’s brain’s with cereal box toys and happy meal commercials.

Coming From All Angles

A new food-marketing trend for the 2014 has been predicted. Yes bright red, perfect Big Macs, and adventurous fruit loop commercials will still be here, but so will a new more “rugged look”. Businessweek.com businessweek.com predicts that products will look less flawless to essentially make costumers feel they are buying more realistic food.

So next time we go shopping lets look past the color schemes, story lines, and subliminal messages, and make a conscientious decision based on the nutritious value of our food.


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