Heineken’s Valiant Efforts to Soften Up Men This Valentine’s Day.

So let’s be honest; when it comes to romanticisms and extravagant professions of love, men usually fall short. Now whether this is a result of women’s exceedingly unrealistic standards or not…but I digress.

This year, in an effort to help men to avoid their last minute crusades to the nearest drug store to gather chocolates, flowers, and cards, Heineken created a campaign to help their fellow ‘Bros’. It is called the #DateInABox, and it’s efforts to help men are valiant, but also creates an amazing marketing scheme. These are the dirty details of this pro-bro crusade:

Heineken has come up with an idea for all of the last-minute men out there. They call it the ‘Date In A Box’. It is a Red Box that you can receive by sending a request to Heineken’s Twitter handle, @Heineken_US. Inside of the box is an envelope with a prearranged date, something along the lines of jujitsu lessons for two or couples tattoos (because the really good dates are saved for those who actually made Valentine’s day plans ahead of time). However, there’s a catch, and this is where the real marketing mastery comes into play. The man cannot get into the vault without a combination, and one cannot get the combination until they take a picture of the box and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #DateInABox.

So in the end, everyone ends up winning. The forgetful male can still have a successful date with his gal, and Heineken gets their name out there by creating a trending hashtag on Instagram.

Now the real question is whether or not this clever ploy was successful. Being the day after Valentine’s day, I decided to look up the hashtag on Instagram and see how many hashtags this campaign received. Unfortunately, I only saw 173 posts containing this hashtag, which leaves me to believe that the idea was a lot better than the execution. Either that, or a lot more men had already arranged plans for their lovers than expected. However, I tip my hat to you, Heineken. The idea was great, I just think you didn’t advertise it well enough. Try again next year and maybe with more exposure, you will have a better outcome.


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