Marketing Goes Mobile, blessing or curse?

What is mobile?

Mobile – of or relating to cellular phones, handheld computers, and similar technologies.

We live in an age of automation: customer service, movies, and even advertisements. Marketing has rapidly expanded to take advantage of new products and methods of communication but at what cost? To open a basic checking account at the local Bank of America one has to agree to interact only with the ATMs and Bank of America website. Try calling Domino’s at 2 am for a pizza and one might be encouraged to “try ordering on our website or iPhone app in the future.” Companies everywhere are promoting their websites and “apps” to their customers for ease of use and the access to the latest features. The push for users to perform the majority of their transactions online and via smart phones is arguably damaging younger generations’ ability to communicate in person  with companies and each other.


As big corporations and small businesses alike compete for potential Facebook “likes” with murals in subway stations or commercials during football games, how many actually try to persuade customers to come into their stores? The only SuperBowl commercial that rings a bell was about the modernization of RadioShack’s stores. But is RadioShack really being modern or is it in fact stuck in the past? Its completely understandable why companies want for their customers to complete their purchases online or via smartphone, it saves human hours. Less human hours means less humans, less benefits, less overtime, and less costly call or live centers eating into profits.

Companies are saving money, but at what social cost? Products and services are increasingly marketed with the easy to use website or app. Buying a car can be done completely online, upgrading to a new smartphone can be done on your old smartphone, and you can theoretically buy all your clothes, groceries, and household necessities without ever leaving your couch. Is it healthy for a increasing percentage of transactions to be conducted without human interaction? It seems that only time will tell as marketing in the global society steers into uncharted waters.


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