Verizon Wireless “More Everything”


With all the other wireless companies out there right now I sometimes sit down and think to myself why do I still have Verizon? Is it really the best wireless company out there? Is it there great service all most everywhere I travel to or is it just because my favorite color is red, or is it both? So I know, I pay a lot of money for my cell phone but it does everything from the fast LTE service to the quick and easy GPS service. But there’s just something that has made me stay this whole time as other companies have exploded over the past few years. Just over the past few years I have noticed more and more wireless companies advertising for their service. Like unlimited talk, text and data for some crazy $45 dollars a month to T-Mobiles “Share Plan” there are all kinds of cheaper ways to save a few bucks but they haven’t gotten to me or at least yet.


I think the main reason why I haven’t switch to another company is because of their service and the hassle of switching after my contact has been reached. I mean anywhere I go I really most always have some kind of service. But my brother and mother on the hand have already fallen into the “so called” cheaper way around. Missing plenty of phone calls and never receiving some important text messages later they have told that they have regretted the switch. But maybe it’s just there provider because I’m sure they are better ones other than theirs now. The reason why I am blogging about Verizon is because they have just significantly lowed some of their plans. Verizon is now saying to forget early phone upgrades and other incentives; the wireless war is now all about low prices. Under pressure from rivals, Verizon unveiled a new plan that cuts prices and increases data limits for some customers.

The new “More Everything” plans will replace Verizon’s current “Share Everything” offerings, so current customers will automatically be switched to the new plans and rates. And now after switching yesterday my bill will be $30 cheaper a month. Maybe patience is really a virtue?  


Read more about Verizon lower prices here:   


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