Burrito or Taco?


Inspired by fresh ingredients and authentic Mexican cuisine, Chipotle shines as a bright beacon of hope for patrons desiring a quick bite too eat minus the ever-present consequences of eating fast food. There is something about the overall experience of Chipotle that warrants customers to travel miles just for a burrito, and a $7.00 burrito at that.  Why is it that I often wait in a line extending all the way to the front door of the restaurant, and why is it that this line consists mainly of college students who inevitably have campus meal plans?

Simplicity. Chipotle only serves 4 products: burritos, salads, quesadillas, and tacos. However, because the products are tailored to the specific customers palate the combinations of burritos, tacos, salads, and quesadillas are endless. For example, Chipotle offers 4 kinds of meats, 2 types of beans, 2 types of rice, 3 types of salsas in addition to the standard lettuce, cheese and guacamole that typically accompanies Mexican cooking. The simplicity of the menu is not only a refreshing change from the typical restaurant experiences but the assembly-style line in which the food is prepared makes waiting in 15 person deep line extremely tolerable.

Promotions. Chipotle participates in a variety of promotional events, my favorites being those relating to specific holidays. This past Halloween Chipotle patrons dressed in a costume were charged only $3 for a burrito. Furthermore, if you kissed your significant other this past Valentines Day you got “a buy one get one” burrito deal. Events like these not only attract a variety of customers, but make the experience memorable and leave us desiring to come back for more.

A Focus on FoodI believe what truly sets Chipotle apart from its competitors is the emphasis the store places on high quality goods.  Did you know that all of Chipotles beef, pork, and chicken are naturally raised? Meaning that unlike many of its competitors the meat is not pumped with hormones and all of the animals are treated compassionately.   Chipotle offers its customers a healthy and quick way too enjoy a meal, so the only question that remains is burrito or taco?

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