Has Target targeted you?

ImageAs an avid Target shopper, I was less than pleased when I received an e-mail informing me I had been a victim of the security breach in late October/early November. I was upset for two reasons. First, the obvious reason, was that all my credit card information got stolen causing me to cancel my current card, get a new one and subscribe to a credit-monitoring system for an entire year. The second reason was because I had spent a lot of time and money at Target, and now I feel as though I have lost all trust in the company.

Although I loved Target for it’s great deals and selection, from a business student’s perspective, I was quite intrigued with its marketing strategies that kept me coming back for more. I went to target for everything. Target was my one stop shop for trendy, chic and relatively cheap items.

What about Target’s marketing strategy that made me a bull’s eye target? I always wanted to know what made the Target shopping experience so much more enjoyable than their competition—such as Wal-Mart or K-Mart. Have you ever noticed that Target does not have anything in the aisles? Such as bins promoting their on-sale items, or racks trying to entice you to buy the latest infomercial fad. Also, Target never announces anything over the intercom. These two factors really play into the shopper’s experience. Target made me feel calm and relaxed while roaming around the store, as opposed to the chaotic scene of Wal-Mart.


Within the last couple months Target launched a new website: “A Bullseye View.” This new website is a look into the Target corporation as well as behind the scenes access into news about the company, fashion and beauty, lifestyle, entertainment and even what the company is doing around the world. Customers seem to be responding well to it because it brings content into the way corporations are interacting with their customers. “A Bullseye View” is more than a Facebook post or a tweet; Target is now breaking news to its customers around the country. 

Is this enough to get me to shop back at Target? Maybe, maybe not. The true test of my boycott will come down to the next time I’m in need of something and Target is only a bus ride away from campus.

For more information, visit http://www.minnpost.com/business/2013/10/targets-marketing-efforts-are-right-target-revamped-bullseye-view, or the Bullseye view itself at www.abullseyeview.com.

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