Lacquer Up!

essie fiji

There is something about a shiny new bottle of Essie nail polish that leaves my wallet empty after my numerous drug store visits. It’s like I can’t leave without having a fresh new one sitting cozy in my purse. Why is it that when a new collection hits the stands girls from all over town rush in for a clean sweep of this glossy liquid? And for the running price of $8.50 a bottle why do I find so many stocked up in the apartments of college students who, safe to say, are on a budget?

Clever Collections
The first thing that catches my eye on one of these bottles is the oh so clever name Essie Co. smacks on top of the brush. When I sense that fresh manicure on even a stranger I never hesitate to ask “Turquoise and Caicos” or “Chinchilly”?…as if I know they’ll give me the response I’m looking for without even thinking twice. It’s because we are all searching for that same unabridged feeling of whatever that bottle is trying to sell to us—and let me tell you it works every time. I am never ready for a tropical excursion without painting the latest Resort 2014 collection onto my nails complete with “Find Me an Oasis” and “Cocktails & Coconuts”. And as the name implies you may be finding me to be a little coco-NUTS! Yes, maybe after all of these years the fumes have gone to my head but the success of these sales have gone straight to the headquarters of Essie Co.

More Than Just a Household Name?
What is something that can be seen at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, sells for less than $10 and is already in the vanities of most teenagers and twenty-something-year-olds? You got it, Essie nail polish. Even this popular household name made its way to the Red Carpet, and may I add in style. So why not paint on that “Au Naturel” sported by Rebecca Minkoff in the 2013 NYC Fashion Week and prance around in your own fifteen minutes of fame? Essie nail polish gives you 286 ways to feel however you want with just the glide of a brush, so what color will you choose next?

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