Aerie: Real Beauty = Real Profit

In the age of Photoshop and unattainable size zero models, the latest ad campaign by Aerie (the lingerie branch of American Eagle) is sheer brilliance.  This past month Aerie debuted their completely un-retouched models throughout their advertisements and stores.  Aerie left every “flaw”—tattoos, blemishes, scars, and cellulite—to proudly state that every woman is beautiful.  Despite the recent boom in promoting positive body image for young women, the new ads are still ground-breaking!  I, as well of many others, are now preferring Aerie to other stores of it’s kind.


The American Eagle brand is setting itself apart from the rest.  There has been a serious decline in the sales and popularity of the preppy, American teen’s clothing in the recent years with stores such as American Eagle, Aeropostale, Abercrombie, and it’s branches–Hollister, Gilly Hicks, etc.  Although, now Aerie is beginning to change their image as they become the stand out brand.  Abercrombie has taken the biggest blow due to their anti-fat comments to maintain their “cool kid image.”  Now American Eagle is catering to all of their disappointed customers.  Maybe Abercrombie will realize they are not so cool after all.  Aerie took the opposite approach by declaring all women are beautiful and you do not have to fit into the thin, good-looking mold that Abercrombie believes to be right.  I’m predicting a major decline in the sales of Abercrombie’s lingerie store, Gilly Hicks, in the upcoming months and maybe even years.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria’s Secret faces a small amount of loss as their are world famous their beautiful models who are highly Photoshopped.


It’s sad that in the year 2014 we are just now making the movement to stop the editing to perfection and unrealistic standards of beauty; which have been destroying the confidence of both women and men alike.  Aerie should expect enormous success from marketing positive body image in their latest ad campaign.


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