“Cultivate a Better World” Chipotle

Looking back last year, the ad campaign that moved me the most was Cultivate a better world by Chipotle. In this three minute short animated film, Chipotle’s Scarecrow captures realties of the American Capitalistic Culture. In this animated film, a scarecrow goes to work every day for “Crow Foods Incorporated” a mass producing meat corporation. The scarecrow is upset with all the visuals he sees in day-to-day work life. Which an Average American worker sees in the food industry. The scarecrow is extremely upset by chickens being injected with a fluid (Steroids) to make them fat and cows being kept into warehouses labeled by numbers. The final products that come out of these animals are packaged as 100% Beef-ish, which captures the controversy behind Major American food companies for using false advertising or great marketing strategy. After a horrible day at work, the scarecrow goes back home to his small farm where he grows organic vegetables, which gives him an idea to harvest them and “Cultivate a Better World.” The scarecrow then opens up a small shop, where he sells tacos and burritos from his locally harvested vegetables.

The reason I love this ad is because everyone including me thinks that Chipotle is a fast food Mexican restaurant like Taco Bell. But this ad, tells us how Chipotle was started as a little local organic Mexican grill to cultivate a better world based on pure imagination. Even though Chipotle has 1500 different locations, but it is conveying a message that we should not be blind consumers but citizens. And we should create a better environment for the other citizens.

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