Esurance Commercial

The Super Bowl is among the most watched sporting events in the world, not only for football, but also for the commercials and entertainment. For Super Bowl XLVIII there were about 111 million viewers. Since there is such a large audience, advertisements and commercial airtime for this broadcast is very expensive. Companies paid about four million dollars to have a thirty second commercial during this event. Esurance, an auto insurance company had a different, unique market strategy that left people talking.

Esurance took a different approach and decided to buy the first commercial directly after the Super Bowl. By doing this, they were able to save 1.5 million dollars, which is about 30% of the cost it would have been to air the commercial during the game. They decided to give away that $1.5 million they saved to one person on Twitter that hashtags #EsuranceSave30. According to Esurance, this is the largest amount of money ever given out from a Twitter contest. This commercial immediately grabbed people’s attention. There were over two million tweets in less than 24 hours and #EsuranceSave30 was trending on Twitter Sunday night through Monday morning. The amount of Esurance followers boosted significantly as well, larger than any other company in the Super Bowl.

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Esurance did a great job marketing its brand and changed social media. The sweepstake instantly grabbed the attention of millions because the company provided large incentives by using a free, easily accessible site such as Twitter. This commercial not only went viral on Twitter, but everyone I know was posting about it on other social media sites and word of mouth. Additionally, their marketing continued when the winner was presented on Jimmy Kimmel a few days after. Esurance took a risk and in the end, their result was more surprising than the outcome of the game.

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