The Biggest Workout Supplement Scam?


Over the years, the physical culture of muscle-building has been attracting numerous followers. Weight training became more popular when the media shifted to marketing products through the use of masculinity or feminism as a sexual appeal. In the 80’s, actors such as Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, and especially the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired people to work on their physical image.

The world today has made it very easy for us to achieve the things we want quicker than before. Many different kinds of supplements quickly evolved claiming to do wonders in gaining muscle or giving you the physical appeal that you’re searching for in a fraction of the effort and time you put in to the gym. One controversial type of product that made over a billion dollars in profits is the pre-workout supplement.

Many companies took advantage of this easy to make supplement that claimed to give intense pumps at the gym and boost your energy levels to the point where you don’t want to leave the gym. A great example is Force Factor.


This product was something I jumped on back when i was still in high school starting out for the first time in the gym. Force Factor started off giving out free 14-day trials on their website, where once placing an order, if you do not cancel within 14 days, a monthly charge of $79.99 would be billed to your credit card for each additional 30 day supplies. $80 for just 30 days of pills, are they joking? L-Arginine is their main ingredient; an amino acid costing just $10.99 at your local nutrition store. So what was their game plan with this? What we have here is an overpriced product giving you the same results as two glasses of natural OJ.


Another example of a scam in action was Rivalus Powder Burn; another pre-workout claiming to give intense energy and speed with a vascular physique. What they’re really selling you is a stimulant filled product with 300mg of caffeine, which is almost 3 cups of coffee! This gives you the twitchy, hyped up feeling, where you can’t sit still. Is this worth it? I certainly do not want to be paying for a product that works just like caffeine with unknown side effects. I see a big scam here. Keep in mind, if you’re a body builder like me, and are looking for long term results, you’ll lose everything you’ve gained once you stop using these products. So the next time you’re out at your local nutrition store choosing what to buy to help with your gains at the gym, save your money and skip the pre-workouts. You’re better off drinking a few cups coffee instead!



“Fitness is not about the vanity of what you see in the mirror, but the transformation of how you feel on the inside. It is a lifestyle and process that excels oneself in all theaters of life through a mind and body connection. When you are physically fit and feel in shape, everything else in life is easier.”

Greg Plitt 


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