To Be or Not to Be–Fake

According to the class lecture, marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offers that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.  In other words, you’re selling a good or service by making that good or service seem appealing. 

As discussed in class, people market themselves to others, to companies, to schools, etc.  This can be done through social media—facebook, twitter, instagram, Linkedin—a résumé, a cover letter, or even what he or she wears, or whom they associate themselves with.

However, is it possible to maintain your integrity while solely marketing the “appealing” aspects of yourself?  Applying for a job or internship can be very stressful.  As potential interns or employees, we want to make ourselves as attractive as possible to the employer.  While doing just this, we hide qualities that make ourselves unique.  This is because we are making ourselves out to be what the company wants.

When applying for jobs or internships, you submit an exaggerated résumé filled with amazing accomplishments that happen to relate to the jobs to which you apply.  A cover letter expresses how, magically, you comply with every requirement that that organization requests.  Is it actually true that you’re exactly what the company wants?

The act continues during interviews, where you memorize your résumé and formulate the perfect questions to impress your interviewer.  Where is the truth in all of this?  Marketing yourself is no longer about showing people what you uniquely have to offer.  It is about showing people that you can offer them what they want.  Where has individuality gone? How can people be confident in themselves and what makes them unique if marketing yourself requires that you pretend?  We’re forming to molds, not creating new ones.

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