We get the message but not the product


With automobiles being such necessary and useful tools in modern America, there is huge competition among manufacturers. The manufacturers use virtually all channels imaginable for marketing. The Superbowl commercial is an expensive way for car makers to reach a vast audience. Even after the excitement of the games wears off, audiences remember the commercials that made them laugh, reminisce, or amazed. Over the last few years, Chrysler Group has stepped up to the plate with impactful commercials. Their two minute spots cost upwards of $12 million each but reached over 100 million viewers.

The 2013 ad utilized marketing techniques such as using a celebrity and creating emotion. The late radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey narrates a commercial for Chrysler’s Ram trucks based on a speech about farmers. There are images to parallel the background narration that include Ram trucks and life as a farmer. This ad was impactful and instills the viewer with American pride.

Earlier this month, the 2014 Chrysler superbowl commercial focused on the American made automobile and featured the musician Bob Dylan. This spot was filled with nostalgia and images of past America. The slogan is American pride and ‘America’s import.’

Both advertisements are excellent at marketing their products. As a big fan of cars, I wonder if these campaigns do much more than create PR for the company. Is anyone going to buy a vehicle with poor build quality and subpar reliability because they see Detroit is struggling or a Ram pickup because photos of farmers brought tears to their eyes? Chances are that they won’t and the sales figures agree. Chrysler not only lacks behind foreign competitors but also remains far behind the other American manufacturers.

Marketing is very important for a company to be successful. In Chrysler’s case, the marketing is well implemented and impactful but the product does not have a reputation to back itself up. Time will tell if the companies attempts to improve their products will make their advertisements translate into more sales.



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