Advertising on NBA Jerseys

The NBA, like anything else is a business and a businesses main goal is to make money.  Over the past year, the NBA commissioner David Stern (who has recently stepped down) has mulled the idea of allowing companies to purchase rights to put their company logo on jerseys which would contribute to expanding the amount of revenue already generated by the NBA.  Current commissioner Adam Silver agrees with the idea that the NBA should allow companies to advertise and put their logos on jerseys and says that NBA jerseys will eventually have companies logos and advertisements on them, although it is not known when such a change will occur.  Silver is also quoted for saying about advertising that “It makes good business sense.”

In Soccer leagues around the world, a large majority of teams jerseys include advertising.  On many Soccer jerseys the companies logo or name is larger and more visible than the actual team name itself.  Companies pay millions of dollars for such advertising so their logo and company can be recognized by the millions of people viewing the event.  This is what the NBA envisions in years to come.  As you can see, a prototype was created and it shows that the jersey would still show the team and the number of the player but would include small logos of the companies. 


I personally think that advertising in the NBA would be beneficial to the companies advertising as well as the NBA and it would be a win/win situation for both parties.  The companies would be gaining exposure and from this exposure make money, while the NBA would be making money from the companies that would line up to have their logo on an NBA jersey.  In my opinion, I think the jerseys look weird and it would take some time getting use to looking at those horrific jerseys, but if the NBA is making a significant amount of money from this advertising and since it’s all about the money, than the NBA should do what’s best for them and go through with this idea.       

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