Airing Your Clean Laundry

Many people don’t think twice about the ads they see plastered on billboards or filling their TV/computer screens.  I’ll admit that I’ll click “skip ad” as fast as the Internet will let me, most of the time. But every once in a while I come across an ad that catches my eye and makes me pause.  Some of these ads help companies meet their bottom line, but a majority of them are ads for services, for people that need a helping hand from the billions of individuals who gather around an illuminated screen to be entertained or informed.

One particular ad that’s stuck out to me was the Tide “Loads of Hope” commercial that appeared in 2009 and then again in 2011. What I found particularly striking about this ad were the real people they showed. You heard normal people talking about their everyday post natural disasters struggles. Some of the places they have been are Loveland, Colorado; Baton Rouge and New Orleans in Louisiana. “Loads of Hope by Tide” provides people who are recovering from natural disasters with free washing, drying and folding of their clothes.

This campaign not only helps the people in need but it helped promote Tide. They are seen as a company that has an interest in helping the world and actively go out and get their hands dirty. The bright orange and yellow trucks with the charismatic blue “Tide” painted on them catches the eye and sticks with people as they pass the trucks. The people who use the service in their time of need will also remember Tide as a good brand.  The campaign also involved a Tide T-shirt purchase promotion that sent the proceeds to the Loads of Hope initiative. These bright T-Shirts promote the brand of Tide hundreds of thousands of miles away from the disaster site. These positive images will stay with consumers and promote the name of Tide. 

The look of gratitude on the faces of the people whose clothes and sheets where being washed touched my heart more than a thousand fancy ads with supermodels and sports cars, and did more to promote a brand. The good “vibes” that Tide is sending out through this campaign will continue to make an impact in their bottom line.

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