An Expensive Tradition

One of the most expensive and traditional ways to market a company is to air commercials. During the 2014 NFL Superbowl a thirty-second commercial cost four million dollars. It has become tradition that all the major companies who plan on spending the money to air a commercial during the Superbowl to reveal their best commercials. Strategies that companies use to get viewers attention are to air funny, cute, or absurd commercials.

Budweiser, Ford, Volkswagen, and Pistachio sponsored some of the most popular commercials this year. Pistachio and Volkswagen wanted to be funny to capture the viewer’s attention and to get their brand idea across. Ford decided to go in a direction of their own as they did something no one has every done before by airing back to back commercials about the same car. This back-to-back, “double advertisement,” was used to advertise their new 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid coming with “double the gas mileages than the average sedan.” This simple marketing scheme of revolving a commercial around “double” is successful in instilling their message into the viewers. Finally, Budweiser aired a commercial that the majority of viewers thought was heart felting and nice. The ad portrays a puppy and a horse that are inseparable where they would do anything to be with each other. The ad, having nothing to do with their beer company or product, created a commercial that people remember. As the commercial aired a popular song sung by Passenger played in the background. Now whenever someone who’s seen the ad who hears this song will remember the Budweiser commercial. Remembering the ad markets their company since they sponsored it.

Having a successful commercial is one that people remember or think of. Being funny, cute, or out of the ordinary are successful schemes to get viewers attention and allow them to give these companies the opportunity to present their products. The NFL Superbowl collects viewers all over the world. The NFL then allows companies to pay to air their commercials during this event. This access to the high volume of the NFL’s viewer base allows the NFL to charge companies so much for their commercial time. Companies pay huge amounts to gain access to the high volume of viewer and get their message across. This is why Superbowl commercials are original and memorable to ensure that they gain the viewers attention.

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