Camel Crush Ads Target Teens

After a five-year break from magazine ads, Camel Cigarettes have re-appeared back on the scene. However, it is no surprise that Camel Cigarette Ads are under controversy once again.

In 2007 Camel was under scrutiny for allegedly targeting children and teens in their ad campaigns. Specifically, Camel No. 9, which was advertised as “light and luscious” came in black and pink packaging became popular with teenage girls. The company gave away lip-gloss and purses with the purchase of these cigarettes. Furthermore, the company mascot, Joe Camel, was depicted as a young and cool cartoon camel smoking cigarettes. These ads were featured in magazines geared toward children and teenagers. Clearly both ads were targeting a young audience and quickly became popular among young teens.


Currently in 2013, the new cigarette with a breakable menthol capsule in the filter may be in violation with the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.  The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement of 1988 prohibits the marketing of cigarettes to children and teens. The new ad is featured in 25 magazines that mainly have a young audience such as ESPN The Magazine, Glamour, People, US Weekly, Vogue, InStyle, Rolling Stone, etc.  After the controversy in 2007 about targeting a young audience, Camel agreed to only print ads in magazines with 85% adult readers.However, the launch of this new campaign in 25 different magazines adds up to about 12.9 million young readers. It is no shocker that Camel Cigarettes are the most popular among young smokers.camel 4

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