CVS takes a big step

CVS Caremark took a big step recently when they decided that they were no longer going to sell tobacco products. They believe that it doesn’t make sense for them to be selling tobacco products while providing health care at the same time. This was a big step toward their goal of becoming a more health care oriented company but I also believe that it was a brilliant marketing tactic. They have created a brand image that shows the public that they really care about their customers and they are focused on doing the right thing. The public usually views big companies as extremely profit oriented and even if cutting tobacco sales doesn’t cut profits on that large of a scale the public will view it as such. I think that humanizing your brand is a very important and effective technique in today’s marketing world. This bold move will most likely bring in new customers but more importantly it will guarantee the loyalty of current customers. CVS definitely gained a competitive advantage over its competitors by being the first to adapt to changing views toward cigarette use and predicting future societal changes. There are many people that are against what CVS has done but I hope this is a minority view because it is very clearly a step toward the betterment of society. Cigarette smoking is a killer and CVS made the obvious choice. 

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