Esurance Winning the Super Bowl


For those of us who watched this year’s Super Bowl, “#EsuaranceSave30” probably looks familiar. This due to the brilliant marketing and advertising of Esurance. Directly following the game Esurance had a commercial where their spokesperson, who you may have recognized as Jim from The Office, sitting in front of 1.5 million dollars. He talked about how Esurance saves people money and how Esurance saved 1.5 million dollars by having a commercial right after the game instead of during the game. He then said that if you used the hashtag “#EsuranceSave30” on twitter within 7.5 minutes following the commercial, then you could win that money. Then they showed their tagline how 7.5 minutes can save you money. “Brilliant!”, “Geinus!”, and “Why did we not think of that?” were most likely the words spoken at other companies on Monday, the following day. Twitter blew up. All of sudden whole twitter feeds were filled from top to bottom with “#EsuranceSave30”. If the test for a good commercial was whether people would remember it and talk about it then this commercial passed with flying colors. Not only did they get advertising from the commercial but then everyone who saw the commercial did advertising for them on twitter as well. The last great thing about this commercial is the use of 7.5 miutes which is half of 15 minutes. This may not seem like a big deal but 15 minutes is the cornerstone of Geico, one of Esurance’s competitors. On that day the Geico was a little bit quitter as Esurance really shined.

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