During the Super Bowl, it cost 4 million dollars to advertise a product to the world for a quick thirty seconds. Esurance insurance company rather than paying to put up their commercial during the Super Bowl decided to be the first commercial after the game, saving 30 percent, or 1.5 million dollars. The auto insurance created a twitter sweepstakes to give someone a chance to win the money they saved by hash tagging #EsuranceSave30 in a tweet. Twitter immediately blew up with two million entries within the first twenty four hours of the commercial. Word of this competition quickly spread after celebrity John Krasinski from The Office television series announced the sweepstakes. It is a companies goal to get as many fans from their commercials and Esurance clearly reached their goal by gaining followers in hopes of gaining what everyone these days. Money. Just like all the other millions of Americans I wanted in. I jumped on the band wagon and created a twitter just so I could enter the sweepstakes in hopes of winning 1.5 million dollars. Normally I wouldn’t participate in such an unatainable competition but I thought I would roll the dice and send out my #EsuranceSave30 tweet. This attempt to promote their business definitely had an impact but may not have increased their income by the same margin because of people like me who entered the contest only in hopes of winning the money, not actually joining their insurance company.

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