The way to stay relevant and competitive in business is to ensure that people see and recognize your brand as often as possible. Throughout the years one of the best ways to target people has been during the NFL super bowl. It is the most watched television event with over 111 million viewers this year. Companies put a lot of resources into making their commercials to try and do something that will distinguish them from the crowd and stay in people’s memories.  Intense competition to get commercial spots has driven the prices to astronomical levels.

The most memorable of all came from Esurance though, who chose not to run an ad during the game. Instead they had the brilliant idea to have an ad right after the game ended. This commercial featured actor John Krasinski from The Office telling viewers that Esurance would be giving away the $1.5 million that the company saved from not having a super bowl ad. He explained that in order to enter the sweepstakes you simply had to tweet #EsuranceSave30. This was a great idea because it was free and easy to enter, and at the same time it helped to increase the company’s presence on one of the fastest growing social media sites in the world.

The contest was a great success. There were over 2 million entrants in 24 hours and #EsuranceSave30 was the top trending topic in the US for 2 days. It was the largest sum of money ever given away in a sweepstakes on Twitter. This form of advertising which uses commercial advertising as well as an interactive social media aspect will likely be used a lot more moving into the future. This advertisement was so great because all the parties benefitted from it. Esurance got increased brand recognition, Twitter got to be seen as a great marketing tool, and the sweepstakes winner got a life changing prize.

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