Evil Gummy Bears

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 4_optWatch out for the bears! Be careful to not only those 600 lb grizzly bears but also these tiny, cute one. These harmless creatures may punch you right in your stomach and leave you on toilet for the whole day. I’m seriously.

Anyone who read the reviews for these sugarless gummy bears may be attracted to following hilarious lines like “ideal gift for your congressional representatives,” or “why is this legal.” Despite 223 out of 693 customers gave one star review, these “nontraditional” gummy bears were totally sold out and the only rest is labeled as high as Russian caviar–  sellers raised 6 times to its original price and now it is $115 for 3 lbs.

keep-calm-and-eat-gummy-bears-40_optSo how is this gummy success related to its marketing? Social media is the answer for its skyrocketing sales. Search in Google for sugarless gummy bear and you will have 164,000 results and 21,800 videos in YouTube. I would count the sold out on Facebook marketing which promoting the sugar free recipe designed for narrow market now becoming a hot topic and perfect gift in Halloween. These special gummy bears first came to my awareness through a share on Facebook, then raising my interest by amusing language from its review. When someone as me like it and want to purchase some for my friend or congressman, it spread out by its epic effect on helping people losing weight.


Here is a example share from Facebook: http://www.vice.com/read/sugarless-gummy-bears-are-not-safe-for-humans

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