Family Brand

Every year when the Super Bowl is aired it seems like the commercials are just as important as the game. Everyone has their favorites, and their least favorites and it always seems to be a topic that is discussed for days after the event. This year there were multiple Super Bowl commercials that were the topics of discussion on all social media websites in addition to just casual conversation. One of the commercials that was popular is the Cheerios commercial. I personally thought that this was a great advertisement and it got a subtle and sweet message across that ultimately made me want to support the Cheerios brand.

Cheerios made a decision to use a mixed race family in the commercial by featuring an African American father and a White mother. I didn’t realize how well thought out this commercial was until I started reading some tweets and Facebook posts. I realized that Cheerios used the mixed race family to relate to more people throughout America. It shows that the barriers of mixed race marriages do not exist anymore and our society is actively changing. Recently advertisements have been making risky decisions to try to reach a bigger focus group of potential buyers. By using this family and showing the unity throughout the advertisement, Cheerios has established themselves as a family and American brand. Additionally, the father uses the Cheerios as pawns to represent each individual family member which further establishes the idea of family and unity. Cheerios did a great job on establishing themselves as a wholesome and household brand. I would say the message was delivered flawlessly.

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