Geico: The Box Of Chocolate Ad Campaign


If you’ve ever seen a Geico commercial….what am I saying, if you own a television then you’ve definitely seen a Geico ad. I mean if I even start the saying, 15 minutes can save you…. then I bet you will be able to finish off the sentence. The thing that interests me most about Geico is it uses multiple ad campaigns all at once and I was wondering what brand they were trying to achieve by doing so.

“It’s so easy a caveman can do it.”, the “happier than” guys playing a guitar, Maxwell the pig , and even just a british talking lizard are just a few of the ads Geico has used throughout it’s long run of campaign ads. Somehow and someway Geico gets our attention while watching all of these Geico commercials. Geico spent around 1.1 billion dollars on advertisements last year about 6.8% of its revenue, and plans to spend more in 2014.  But what are they getting at? Yes we know that Geico can help you save money, but what is their brand? I know that whenever I think of Geico I think of how quick and easy it is to save money if I switch to them, but what else?

Geico basically has four ad campaigns running at once, and all of them different. Most companies work to create a constant, similar experience with all of their ads and that’s how they define their brand. But that’s why I think Geico works, they are unique and they take risks, with several different ones, which I feel helps them. Their revenues have increased over the last four years thus proving my point and I feel that by using so many ads it gives the audience the most unique experience of all. I call it the “box of chocolate ad campaign” because with Geico, like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

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