Ginger Garden Restaurant in Amherst Town

As an international student from China, I always miss Chinese food. When I said Chinese food, I mean the real traditional Chinese food. The reason of I emphasis the word “traditional” it is because that most Chinese food in Amherst Town is not the real traditional taste. Most of the restaurant sacrificed the original taste of most dishes to suit American tastes, as their major customers. For example, teriyaki sauce, As the mainly spices in a lot of dishes here, it never used by Chinese people in China.


There were some restaurant focus on traditional taste and brings down the business because most American can not accept traditional taste of Chinese food, more important, there are not enough Chinese people to improve the revenue. For example, Ginger Garden Restaurant located in Route 9, the previous boss adhere to the traditional taste and  finally cause a shut down three years ago. After six months redecoration, it reopened and the new boss follow the most Chinese restaurant’s strategy, sacrificed the original taste and add the Japanese sushi bar to increase the number potential customers.

As we all know, more and more international students are seen these years on campus. Now, stronger efforts are being made to get more foreign students to study in UMass, which including a large number of Chinese international students. As noticed by the boss of Ginger Garden, he decided to hire two native Chinese cooks from Boston. And also create a traditional food menu writing in Chinese only. After this action, Ginger Garden became the most favorite Chinese Restaurant among Chinese students. You choose the right customer, you make the right business.

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