Google Search Engine Market

As one might expect, Google continues to lead the pack in most countries by a large margin. In 1997, Yahoo turned down the chance to buy Google for $1 million. Dramatically, today google is worth $200 billion, Yahoo just $20 billion. However, as a world-wide search engine, Google had already been struggling in Asian market. The data base below is the “Search Engine Market Share BY Country 2013.” There are 31 countries in the data base. Google is the leader search engine in most countries, except China, Japan, Russia, and South Korea.


It’s been more than two and a half years since Google left the Chinese search market, and the market share for its search and maps segments has continued to wane. The photo below shows the search engines in China. Google’s market share continue decrease from 5.1% in Dec 2012 to 1.6 in Dec 2013.


Why Google met so many trouble to get into the Chinese market?

The biggest fact is culture differences. The way Chinese citizen search for content online differs significantly from the way people source information in the West. In China, the average age for search is 25, the west is 35; In China, the focus on result page are widespread, covering whole page, however, in west, people more focus on upper left part of page; In China, the popular search device is Mobile phone, in west, people more like using desktop or laptop. The search method is also different. In China, people prefer to choose from list, in west, people prefer to type in key word. Thus, if Google still didn’t take its user behaviors into account, it will hard to get into Asian market. 

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