How much Ron Burgundy is too much?

This past year, one of the most anticipated movie sequels in recent memory hit the big screens. That movie being, of course, Anchorman 2. The original Anchorman, starring Will Ferrell and a host of other star actors and actresses was released in 2004 and was an instant hit. Even as time had passed, no one forgot the hilarious quotes or witty one-liners that Ron Burgundy seemed to have made up out of thin air. So when a sequel was announced, fans were ecstatic.

Teaser trailers were popping up mid-summer for the movie which was slated to be released around Christmas 2013. And at first, people couldn’t get enough of Ron Burgundy. Soon enough, Will Ferrell donned his Anchorman persona in television commercials for Dodge and was even going to events dressed as Ron.



At first, fans were thrilled to be seeing more of Ron. After all, it had been about 8 years since we had last seen him and his news crew. Soon enough Dodge Durango sales were skyrocketing and were last reported to have gone up 40% as a direct result of the Ron Burgundy ads (The Wrap). Things were looking up for Ron and the movie hadn’t even been released yet.

But after months of constant Ron Burgundy ads, promotions, and appearances, people began to get sick of Ron Burgundy.  The movie was getting so much hype, that is was being over-hyped. On opening weekend, Anchorman grossed $26.8 million, which was far less than anticipated. By the time Anchorman 2 was done it had accumulated nearly $160 million, which is actually pretty good considering its’ tough start (Huffington Post).

Overall, Anchorman 2 made out pretty well. Sure by the time it was all over, people were getting tired of Ron Burgundy, but regardless, they payed the $10 and saw the movie. The advertising hype had made Anchorman 2 into a sort of spectacle, or a happening that you had to be apart of, which ended up working out. But I think there is a takeaway point from Anchorman 2’s media blitz. That being, that sometimes enough is enough. Shoving Ron Burgundy down people’s throats slowly began to backfire. And if Anchorman 2 didn’t have their original following, it may well have been a disastrous flop. Anchorman 2 was salvaged because of its’ predecessor, not because of the constant advertising.

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