Is it buzzing yet?

A week ago, I was walking near the Campus Center, on my way to get some coffee with my friends. Then we saw a table full of glistening rings, earrings and bracelets. Well, guess what, we stopped right in front of it. Long story short, my friend had a new ring on her finger and I had a bracelet on my wrist.

Why did I stop? It was a impulsive decision, yes I admit. But the table definitely grabbed our attention and had our eyes glued to it. How do marketers get our attention? They do it in many different ways, but one of the way is by making it pop out, making it memorable and remarkable. They can do that through GUERRILLA MARKETING. Guerrilla marketing is all about creating buzz and unconventional marketing strategies. 

You have to make it stand out and that requires a GRET IDEA AND A GREAT DESIGN. Guerrilla Marketing brings your attention because it’s different from regular TV, audio, internet and social media marketing. Let me give you a few examples.

mcdonaldupsa sack

Did it just make you think, ‘Haha I get it! That’s cool’? Guerrilla marketing is friendly and it deeply plants a brand or a message into you.

Now, see what guerrilla marketing creates. It creates buzz. People looking at it, talking about it, liking it, thinking about it and everything! That is the buzz that marketers want. If we want to promote something, we have to approach it in unconventional ways. By thinking outside the box and coming up with a creative design, you can make your idea stand out from the crowd. Just like what guerrilla marketers do.

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