Is Odd Marketing a Good Choice?

When most brands market they try to come across as professional, they want to make their brand look as promising as possible. Almost every commercial you see on T.V today, is just your traditional add trying to portray a simple message. Of course some try to be funny, others sad, and they may even throw in a pretty woman just to make their name more appealing.  The thing about these commercials is that although some of them are excellent and a great example of marketing, the majority of them are forgettable. That’s why there’s something to be said about a brand that portrays them selves as different, it makes their name way more memorable.

Old Spice is a brand that does a great job of tackling the odd side of marketing. Almost every Old Spice commercial is different and unique, it’s almost as if they’ve become know for it.  For years now, they have all include their own odd jingle with an even crazier visual display to boot. Whether it be the one from a while a go with the half man half horse standing in the shower, or a recent one like the lady singing coming out of the bowling ball dispenser, they all tend to stick in your head.


That’s why Old Spice has done in incredible job of marketing. They make you remember their name with their unique commercials.  They’re all one of a kind and really stick in your mind.  When moms are standing in the shampoo aisle at the grocery store debating over what to buy their sons, Old Spice is definitely a go to.  When selling pretty much generic products such as shampoos and deodorants, you need to stand out and that’s exactly what Old Spice is doing.



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