Kindle Fire vs iPad

Which one would you choose Kindle or iPad? Which brand do you trust more Amazon or Apple? Recently Amazon has put out the commercials comparing the Kindle Fire and the iPad. These commercials show how the two are close in what they can offer the consumer.  But the main point for the commercials would be the price difference between the two products.  One of the commercials compares the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad with the price of the Kindle at $299 and the iPad at $499. Then the other compares the Kindle fire HDX and the iPad air with the price differences of $379 for Kindle and $499 for the iPad air.

But are customers willing to pay the higher price for Apple’s iPad when you can get Amazon Kindle Fire for less? I know as a college student that the price of the item will came into play when I am looking to buy a tablet.  I am own the original iPad and the plan kindle (just for reading). I love things about both of them and there are thing on both of them that I do not like. On the iPad I love how you can read, watch movies and go online. But the iPad is a little heavy to read on. This is why I like the Kindle because of how light it is. So for now I have the two devices. But if one was to brake than I would have to look into the Kindle Fire. Because you can everything you want for less and it is lighter.

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