Mad Men Type Marketing

Mad Men


Marketing is definitely a very interesting subject. Although, being a finance major it takes a back seat in importance and relevance during my undergraduate curriculum.  And quite frankly, I do not know why this is. Don Draper, the main character in the popular T.V. series makes marketing, specifically corporate advertising, cool. He has grabbed the attention of many people in my generation and is an area of marketing that gets me excited. I believe the type of marketing we learn in 301 should be focused on the sexy side of advertising similar to what Don Drapers do. It is obvious how making a brand and tweeting out things for a specific product all qualify as marketing. But deciding whether an insurance company should have someone like Flo, a Gecko, Dennis Haybert, or a crazy man named mayhem be the face of an insurance company is the fun stuff. These multi-million dollar ideas in the world that make people like Don Drapers a big shot. Imagine being one of the people who thought of those ideas? That is the kind of stuff that gets me excited about marketing. When I see a really moving or out of the box advertisement that grabs my attention not only do I want to buy that product or service but I say to myself; “What genius thought of this, how did someone come up with this, and why am I not pursuing the same thing for a living?”

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