Marketing Through Mobile

As people’s lives shift to their mobile devices more and more, it absolutely leads to changes in the business world.  In particular, marketing for most companies has rapidly changed over the past years.  When trying to market a product an ad in a local newspaper is no longer all the effective, at least in most circumstances.  For large companies, advertising within a mobile app has become a huge opportunity or consideration.  For example, as people scroll through their twitter timeline they can see promoted tweets.  These tweets are seen by thousands of people and within an app that people are consistently using for news and entertainment.

With more and more being done on smartphones and tablets, these new areas of advertising are providing huge revenue streams for the creators of such apps, but also providing new platforms for companies to market their ideas/products.  It is clearly a fairly new style of advertising, but it is without a doubt already a popular and extremely important one.  This was made obvious recently when it was rumored and estimated that the creator of a simple mobile game called “Flappy Bird,” was making $50,000 a day.  The bulk of this money, if not all, has to be from advertising because the game is free to download.

I feel that with the growth in this area of advertising it will continue to be interesting to watch how companies utilize these platforms.  Whether it be a game on an iPhone, or an app used for video streaming, these are all marketing opportunities with huge potential.  And not only will it lead to innovation in terms of marketing, but it will create more incentive for new products in terms of apps, games, and more as well, because of the increasing opportunity for revenue.

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