Marriott Hotels Commercial 2013



The Marriott Commercial, released in 2013, fashioned a new innovative concept to the idea of lodging that Marriott offers. The idea that most hotel chains typically advertise is the overall comfort and hospitality that their company offers, relating to lodging.

In Marriott’s campaign, they advertise the slogan “Travel Brilliantly”. With this concept they are bringing consumers to not think so much on the comfort of their stay, but the idea of going places they have never been before. As they state in the commercial “this is not a hotel, it is the idea that travel should be brilliant”. They also note the aspects of the hotel that are not limited to room stays. For example, meeting professionals need to use hotels as space for events they are holding; in this ad they express their offering of “surprises that change as often as you do” and the “promise of spaces as expansive as your imagination”. They make the hospitality industry appear to be inspiring and creative, rather than “business as usual”. The general indication is that Marriott is not just about where you stay, but where you go.

I saw the advertisement after searching YouTube for something that intrigued my interests. I have a concern for this advertisement because I am a hospitality student who would love to work for a company such as Marriott. The company is internationally known, supports worldwide hospitality, and has proven to me to be a great company to work for. I thought their execution of their newer idea was interesting and expressive. As an aspiring event management professional I would consider this advertisement as a proactive company that encourages consumers to use their facilities.


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