McDonalds “Celebrate with a bite” Olympics advertisement

Throughout the 2014 Winter Olympics so far, we have all seen some very interesting advertisements and commercials from corporations around the world. The Olympics in my opinion are a great opportunity for the world to come together in some friendly competition. Growing up as a child I played many sports and I always liked the Olympics because it brought together the best athletes from across the world. It is a time of great competition, amongst athletes as well as corporations. Many companies produce advertisements that are tied in with the Olympics and the theme of competition. This is a great way to feed off of a country’s nationalism. However what about the corporations that use the Olympics to distort the image and current beliefs about their product?

This is what McDonalds attempted in their recent advertisement for the Olympics trying to promote their chicken mcnuggets. In their commercial they used a montage of clips from previous Olympic winners accepting their medals. McDonalds uses the slogan “The greatest victories are celebrated with a bite” in which they cut to scene of chicken mcnuggets being prepared and eaten. As the commercial ends, the screen fades to black and shows a United States Olympic team member biting on his gold medal across from a young girl biting into a chicken mcnugget. This advertisement is primarily trying to advertise McDonalds five dollar deal for 20 chicken mcnuggets. Gross.

What really confuses me in this commercial is why would McDonalds try and promote their chicken mcnuggets in such a fashion. Our country is pretty educated and due to pop culture over the last 10 or so years, we have learned that fast food filled with preservatives is a quick way to become obese and not an Olympic athlete. Yet McDonalds thinks that its customers should come on down and buy some chicken mcnuggets to celebrate the Olympics. The Olympics promotes a healthy lifestyle full of hard work and dedication, while chicken mcnuggets promote a hefty 940 calories and 59 grams of fat. Do I have a problem with companies like Mcdonalds using the Olympics to promote their products? Absolutely not. But I don’t like when companies use the Olympics to distort the image of their products. Chicken mcnuggets are bad for your health, and although eating them may not decrease your chances of becoming an Olympian, they surely do not help, and promoting them in this fashion is just wrong in my opinion.

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