New Year’s Gym Resolutions: Everybody’s Favorite—or Least Favorite—Time of Year!

Resolutions 2014_opt

Albeit a few weeks late, it’s still that time of year UMass: New Year’s gym resolutions!

You all know what that means… Despite there being 24 hours in a day, every, and I mean EVERY student who’s enrolled at the university will decide to show up at the rec center within the same two-hour time window. Whether its the girl wearing lululemon yoga pants and Nike Frees—oh wait, that’s all of them—who usually hops on the elliptical for two hours, or the meathead in the cutoff and Timbs who regularly does 20 sets of bench press and dumbbell curls (never legs), the gym-regulars are going to find it overly obnoxious and difficult to get their usual workout in.

Stupid new years resolutions. I guess you have to give props to the kids who are trying to get in shape though, right? I mean, after all, this is prime season for getting that killer, beach body six-pack…

Speaking of six-packs, the health and fitness industry has done a phenomenal job promoting arguably the #1 most sought out new years resolution on a year-to-year basis for college students. I would bet that roughly 90% of UMass students, both male and female, who go to the gym in January have the intent of trying to shed a few pounds of body fat from their midsection. Although it’s the effort that counts, only few will succeed in achieving that Greek god or goddess-like physique by beach season.

Well, on a brighter—and more realistic—note, it’s already mid-way through February, so you gym regulars only have to wait four more weeks until Spring Break! After that, the gym will be restored to its regular attendees and you will easily be able to slip in and out of the rec center without waiting to use your favorite gym equipment! However, until then, stay motivated, and keep working hard toward that six-pack…


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