Peyton’s Pizza

For about the last twenty Sundays I have been seeing Peyton Manning all over the TV. Yes, he had a great season, won MVP, and went to the Superbowl, but that is not what I was referring to.  Peyton Manning is the newest franchise member of the Papa John’s chain and he has absolutely dominated as a “franchise player” (and yes, for both squads). In becoming a franchise member for Papa John’s, Peyton has acquired 21 of the chain restaurants in the state of Colorado. A very convenient acquisition for him, but an even better gig for Papa himself. After acquiring the stores in the fall of 2012, Papa Johns 4th quarter profits went up 5.2%. Peyton was seen throwing a football and taking a bite of pepperoni nearly every commercial break. People saw a great combo together right before their eyes- football and pizza- and went straight for their cellphones.

It hasn’t stopped there. Since Peyton teamed up with Papa John’s, Colorado has had record sales. Peyton, the savior of the state’s beloved football team, was leading the charge. His stores, in particular, had special gameday sales that pumped out crazy numbers while Peyton himself broke some records of his own on the field. The Papa John marketing crew really threw a touchdown here by understanding their brand, product, and consumers. They have not only established there pizza as a great gameday option, but have done so by partnering with one of the best players in the NFL who intensifies the interest of the commercial by a tenfold.

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