Real Women

The Dove’s Campaign for Beauty is a strategic, decade long, marketing campaign aimed towards eliminating stereotypes and negative views towards women’s body shapes.

I believe this is one of the most effective campaigns I have heard about. Why? It’s empowering and unique in which it is one, if not the only major corporation that doesn’t solely feature thin, photo shopped women. Several months ago, I watched one of  Unilever’s Dove videos, “Real Beauty Sketches”, which became the top viewed online ad in 2013 and thinking how so many women could relate to the video especially after reading the study done by Dove which revealed that only four percent of women view themselves as beautiful.

In the video an artist asks the women to describe themselves as he draws them based on what the women themselves tell him. He then asks another woman to describe the same woman and then draws that same girl from the other woman’s point of view. I mentioned the video to my friends only to discover that they had already seen it and had been sharing it on Facebook, which shows how a vast audience could be reached. I remember replaying another of Dove’s videos, which showed how Photoshop could vastly transform the physical appearance of a woman who was beautiful prior to any editing.

I’ve seen the effectiveness it has on girls’ minds when it comes to purchasing beauty products and how these videos have given Dove a competitive advantage. I was in Target with my friend purchasing last minute essentials before coming back to UMass for the start of another semester. As we were in the health section looking for shampoo, body wash and other toiletries, my friend walked by the Dove body wash section, she asked if I had seen the sketches video and then proceeded to put one of their body washes in her cart to see if she would like it. The video impacted her and left Dove’s brand image in her mind so when she saw it at Target, she was more inclined to purchase it.

Dove benefits from this campaign (or else they would have put an end to this campaign a while ago) and consumers believe they benefit because not only do they think they are purchasing a body wash or shampoo, but they are also buying something that they associate with making them feel good regardless of their physical appearance.

– Bianca Silva

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