Small Business vs. Subway

By: Ryan DeDonato

For as long as I can remember, Garden Pizza in Hill Plaza, Milford, MA has been the place to get great pizza, grinders, and calzones. Garden Pizza was always a treat when I was younger. I personally recommend the large buffalo chicken calzone. As I grew older, I came to appreciate not only the great food, but the service and atmosphere.

When you walk into Garden Pizza it is like stepping back in time. The shop probably has not been updated since the 50’s or 60’s. It has that old time feel and even has a couple old quarter games for the kids. While the shop looks old it is always clean. But the best thing besides the smell of the pizza when you walk in is the service. The owner and workers know many people’s names and their orders.

However, in 2010, Garden Pizza was put to its biggest test when a Subway moved in right next door. My friends and I thought this would be the end of our beloved Garden Pizza. How could a small local pizza shop compete with a giant like Subway?

To our surprise Garden has passed the test. In fact, Garden seemed to become more popular. I think Garden not only survived, but flourished because locals like supporting local businesses that are part of the community. Locals enjoy the atmosphere and the personal service that big chains like Subway. It always puts a smile on my face when I visit home, get a large buffalo chicken calzone, see Garden busy with orders, and look next door and seeing no one in Subway. I will always choose Garden over big fast food chains and I know the locals will too.

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