Subway launches new campaign to encourage children to eat healthier

As a Hospitality and Tourism Management student, I often read articles on the latest news going on in the industry. Since I have a specific interest in the food and beverage field, and love to eat (who doesn’t?), a certain campaign that Subway is launching caught my eye. Subway has released a plan to encourage children to eat healthier, offering their own kids meals and providing a healthier alternative to the classic McDonald’s kids meal. They are going to invest $41 million dollars over the next 3 years in marketing ads through commercials, social networks, and digital ads.

The new Subway slogan, “playtime- powered by veggies”, represents a low calorie menu for children, encouraging lots of vegetables, fruits, and no sugary drinks. The campaign will compete with McDonalds by also adding in a toy with the meal, but it will be something of educational value to benefit the children’s health even more. It is very clear that this campaign is supporting a great cause that America has been trying to work on and cure – child obesity.

Although McDonalds spends much more money a year on their marketing advertisements for kids meals than Subway will in their 3-year plan, Subway has some excellent ideas for marketing their product successfully. First lady, Michelle Obama, has always preached for children to eat healthier, and she is fully on board with the Subway campaign. She has been holding events and press conferences to support the cause, and has other celebrity Olympians and athletes along side her to help out. Another important tactic that Subway is using is the use of the Sesame Street characters in their ads to grab the attention of kids and lure them into the product.

Being a subway customer myself, and having done many research products on the danger of the child obesity rates in America today, I believe that what they are doing is an amazing idea. I think they will be very successful with the marketing strategies they have planned.

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