The #Esurancesave30 Takeover

By: Julie O’Connor

Two NFL teams aren’t the only competition during the Super Bowl every year; there is a new game in town. It’s arguably an even bigger rivalry between some of the biggest corporations; Companies such as Coca-Cola, Cheerios, Bud Light, and Radio Shack compete to determine who can entertain more viewers and thus increase profits in the given thirty second time slot. Every participating corporation aims to be the talk of the Super Bowl. As much as 4 million dollars was spent to advertise to the estimated 111 million viewers during this year’s Super Bowl XLVIII. That is $4 million for 30 seconds of publicity!

Esurance saves 30…Percent

By advertising AFTER the Super Bowl, Esurance saved 30% of expenses, equivalent to $1.5 million, and created the idea to give away this amount. The marketing genius behind the auto insurance came up with a Twitter sweepstakes to any user that incorporates the hashtag- a sweepstakes worth $1.5 Million (TIME).


So who would have thought the first company to advertise after the final whistle has been blown would create as much as a hype as it did. I’m sure you have seen it on your twitter feed:


This commercial turned out to be an incredible marketing stunt, utilizing social media and the celebrity actor, John Krasinski from The Office, to promote this competition. According to Esurance spokesman Danny Miller, the contest obtained two million entries in the first 24 hours; with 200,000 sent directly after the commercial aired. Utilizing the “marketing platform” of Twitter allowed the word to spread in a matter of minutes; Esurance gained over 143,000 Twitter followers the day after the Super Bowl (TIME). These numbers do not lie. The company absolutely maximized their publicity through this concept, allowing any individual to access and enter the contest. As an avid Twitter user, this is the first time I have ever seen every single tweet incorporating the trending topic, and this continued for the next few days. I cannot stress how irritating it was to see nothing but #Esurancesave30 throughout my twitter. I personally did not participate in the contest, deeming myself too unlucky to be that one person to get chosen. Maybe my pessimism just lost me a million dollars, who knows? However, as a Marketing major, I respect and applaud this stunt. I feel this was a great way for Esurance to promote their business, and many will now automatically associate Esurance with auto insurance. In terms of immediate profits, I do not believe Esurance will receive an exceptional increase in profits after this campaign. It seems as though many of the tweets were sent by younger users who are not concerned with auto insurance, or by users who were solely interested in the contest, and do not plan to become an Esurance member. Aside from that point, congratulations on this commercial, Esurance! Cue the copycats.


An image of actor John Krasinski in the ad

An image of actor John Krasinski in the ad



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