The Mobile Takeover



In an article on Huffington Post, Tom Lowry, an entrepreneur, author, and corporate training specialist, discusses the impeding trend of mobile devices. In his research he found that in December of 2013 there were a little more than 1.6 billion PCs and 1.5 billion smartphones and tablets. His research showed that with in the year of 2014, mobile devices will pass the number of PC’s. This affects many things across all aspects of the business realm.

The one aspect that it direct affects the most is marketing and advertising. With people spending 10% on average of their media attention on their mobile devices it opens up a huge target market for advertising. Print medium attracts at most only 7% of media time but accounts for up to 25% of U.S. ad-spending. Mobile device medium only takes up about 1% of total ad-spend but accounts for more attention.

In the age of technology, consumers rely more on informed decisions between entering the front door and the point of sale than ever before. They use their mobile devices to look up pricing, discounts, and advertising from other stores. This opens the door to marketing divisions, with the cost of mobile advertising being so low compared to print, they are able to reach more people in their target market.

Ways to Utilize Mobile Advertising:

Diversity– Do not chose one app or method, spread you idea across multiple platforms in order to reach your target audience. 

Quality– Spend your money wisely. If you have a small budget, utilize social media and free methods. On the other hand if you have a larger budget, do not spread it out to thin. Create a solid app that people will want to use often. 

Accelerating Innovation– Spend funding on keeping your advertisements and apps up to date. In the modern age of technology you can blink and the mobile boundaries will have grown and taken on a new shape.

To read more and get more tips check out the article by clicking on the picture…

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