The Power of Marketing

Born into the age of computers and the internet, the millennial generation has an extraordinary opportunity to change the conventional methods of sharing information and breathe new life into business marketing.  As most teenagers can attest to, the older generation before us usually struggles to keep up with constantly improving technology and applications.  Most are even in the dark about all the ways people can connect in the 21st century.  But regardless of a person’s age, everyone appreciates how significant the impact of social media and technology is and will continue to have on the world of marketing.

One of the revolutionary new aspects of marketing in the current world is how much power and effect a single person can have at their disposal if they wish.  A person can pick up their smartphone, write a post, and in a matter of seconds send out their thoughts and opinions to potentially thousands of people across the web.  Having that ability is mind-blowing considering how limited information sharing was only a few decades ago.  With the right message, a post could send a shock wave through the community and have a tangible effect on the way people think and act.  Hitting that chord in a person’s mind is the one of the main objectives of the marketer, who can accomplish that goal in very creative ways if he uses social media wisely.

Actions taken on the internet and on various social media have real consequences in the material world we live in.  Being responsible and smart about how to use the power of digital marketing can bring endless success and achievement to everybody, especially Isenberg students!

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David Orleck


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