The Unique Strategy Behind the Red Bull Marketing Campaign

For years, companies have been trying to duplicate Red Bull’s marketing strategy that leads to a very high customer loyalty percentage. Red Bull has been affiliating itself with extreme sports and unique events all around the world. Red Bull’s marketing department calls this content marketing, or aligning the product with the company mission without referencing the drink itself. Many young adults watch Red Bull videos on Facebook, YouTube, and the Red Bull website, but little to none of those videos is about the energy drink, but about the Red Bull lifestyle. This leads to a very high brand awareness value for everyone who is directly engaging in the content that Red Bull puts out.


In 2007, Red Bull introduced Red Bull Media House (RBMH). This is where anyone in the world can find extreme footage and pictures of all events that Red Bull promotes. RBMH handles Red Bull’s print, online, television, and feature film productions. RBMH proudest achievement was the Stratos Project, which had Felix Baumgartner ascend to 128,100 feet and jump. This set the record for highest freefall and fastest freefall speed. All together Red Bull generated millions upon millions of views of this death defying stunt. Dan Bigman from, said this about the Stratos Project, “They’ve lit up Twitter and Google News today and they’ll likely end up on the front page of every major newspaper on earth tomorrow. As they say, you can’t buy that kind of press, no matter how many emails you send to us.” I think he puts it perfectly, because brand awareness like that is generated from thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing, no traditional marketing could teach that. 


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