Tugging Your Heartstrings

By: Jing Jing

What’s the most important thing that determines a successful ads is a question that most marketers are facing. Many people think marketing is so simple that is basically just “spreading out the words.” But how exactly to make your “word” interesting instead of annoying is not that easy. And if we watch carefully, you will find a common secret lies beneath many successful ads— the success of tugging people’s heartstrings.

Nowadays, with so much more information and so less time, people tend to ignore things! As an marketer, we can’t just simply describing our products or persuading people, but instead, we should try to somehow build the connection between our product to consumers. Just as a new friend, marketers need to learn to impress people.

Take a look at all successful ads in history, one thing I realize is that they all share a same gene—capture consumers emotion.  First of all, Let’s take a look at Apple5 ads: 


If apple’s ads is mainly focusing on how great their products are or how many new functions they have added on Iphone, it would not have been as successful as today. Because beyond all those fancy functions and technologies, it’s the concept that captured people. “Every day, more people connect face to face on the iPhone than any other phone.” That’s the only line in this entire ads. It’s the people, the lives, the connections that touch people and capture audiences(customers) not the product itself.

Similarly, I found the same approach that Coca Cola did for its ads:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MEsOzzunPQcoca-cola-america-the-beautiful

The slogan: “AmericaIsBeautiful” is very interesting. Firstly, Coca Cola is an American company but its products are all over the world. Coca cola is no longer a product but a culture. Therefore, word in the slogan”America” arouses people’s patriotism along with the background music. At the same time, the way that this video contains all different culture truly reflects the diversity of America. And like America, the culture of Coca cola serves in diverse people and become part of different people’s lives as well. Secondly, this ads like Apple’s ads, they are both from leading companies, and the focus for both of their ads are: people and lives. And the concept that they bring connections to people(no matter is from facetime on Iphones, or dinner gatherings from Coca Cola) truly touches people. And positioning their brand as a big part of people’s lives and culture  instead of a product is the reason why their ads succeeded.    

Furthermore, although not every product can be easily transformed into an heartwarming ads, successful ads does not necessarily has to be product oriented. Some ads that are not talking about their product can be equally successful. If the product itself is hard to tug people’s heartstrings, maybe you could consider to advertise your mission, culture, concept of the company.

For example, the ads of Budweiser is a very successful ads that got a lot of attention. But when I saw this ads at the first time, even though I don’t know what this company’s products is, I remembered this brand. And then I googled it and learned more about it. Moreover, once I furthered my research, I realized that their use of the horses, Budweiser Clydesdales, has been a longstanding Super Bowl tradition for them since 1986. This ads, again, succeed in bringing the sense of companionship and love to audience instead of “party” scenes focused on most of beer commercials.




Another example from GE, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co0qkWRqTdM which is also an example of emphasizing on their value instead of their products. If an ads that’s focusing on GE’s products would obviously be boring to most of the people who are not familiar with electronic technology or energy power. But instead, this ads, their focus is the imagination of GE and their vision. Also, by positioning this ads from a child to mom perspective, it also emphasized on the female role in the company as well as the people and thousands of families of their employees that GE has supported.


That’s why I think the key to success in ads, and as well as other marketing campaigns, is determined by whether you touched and impressed your customers with your ads or not. When they smile and cry with your ads, you know, you have won their hearts over.





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