Tweet a gift?

One of my all time bad habits since attending college and working almost thirty hours a week has been coffee. In a week’s time, I can account for visiting the nearest Dunkin and Starbucks six times. Although a bad habit, drinking coffee has helped keep me awake during long nights studying and working. Within the last couple of months I was amazed to find out a new marketing campaign that has opened the world to new innovative gifts to people.

Starbucks has joined together with Twitter and launched the Tweet-a-coffee project. This innovative marketing strategy allows for individuals to send a five dollar Starbucks gift card to anyone who via Twitter in the U.S. Sending someone a gift of a coffee is now so easy for people if they have a Twitter and Starbucks account. It only takes linking both accounts together & mentioning @tweetacoffee on twitter for a person to receive a five dollar e-gift.

Although I loved this marketing campaign, it is hard for me to “tweet-a-coffee” because I do not have a Twitter! With all the hype about Twitter, this recent Marketing class, and the opportunity to get people to send me a Starbucks E-gift card, I will be signing up for one within February.

I enjoyed this new marketing campaign from Starbucks because it is a new creative way to interest more people into signing up for both twitter and Starbucks accounts, if they do not already have one, and a great way to attract more customers. Now I have only one question to ask, who wants a free coffee- I’ll Tweet it to you?


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